When your company makes an investment to improve efficiency, you measure the increased benefits of the investment relative to the amount of money invested.

Depending on the type of return you’re seeking from an investment, there are different ways to recover your ROI (Return On Investment). Returns may include increased profits, reduced expenses or improved safety. There may also be intangible benefits such as improved operating efficiencies or increased brand awareness.

Increase profits

Simply using RPM Solution’s work management platform can increase your company’s profits. Cost estimating software such as Xactimate already provide line item activity codes for using remote monitoring. The associated costs for these codes can be included in claim estimates for the services provided. Your company can directly benefit from this additional revenue opportunity with every job you complete.

Reduce expenses and Improve safety

The use of RPM Solution’s work management platform eliminates daily job site visits to monitor and document the drying process. This reduces your company’s expenses such as (1) labor costs, (2) vehicle fuel and maintenance costs, and (3) insurance costs. Eliminating these daily trips provides one of the most important benefits to your company and that is improved personnel safety. Reducing the amount of time your personnel is exposed to commuter traffic.

Improve operating efficiencies

Implementing RPM Solution’s work management platform allows the project manager real-time access to the drying process remotely by the use of computer, tablet or smart phone. Access to jobs and their status using a digital job status board provides the project manager quick access to conditions impacting the drying process. Each job contains attributes readily available to the project manager such as: Geographical location of the jobsite Customer, Insurance and Project manager contact information Loss date, job start and stop date Affected areas with drying equipment and remote monitoring hardware assigned Estimates the initial quantities of dehumidifiers and air movers required to start the job. Ability to respond faster to changing conditions by establishing alarm limits on the monitored process data. Personnel can receive texts on their mobile phone when conditions are met. For example, when the moisture content target has been reached or an interruption in equipment performance (loss of power) occurs. Monitored process data is date and time-stamped automatically. This data can be viewed in a line log or graphic format. Asset management is provided to better control your inventory and understand where your equipment is located. Record content items and their condition for a concise pack out listing. Printable data logs and pack out listings standardizes your project claim supporting documents.

Increased brand awareness

Using RPM Solution’s work management platform makes a statement to your company’s success. Affording your company new opportunities by digitizing, automating, and improving your business process and workflow. This means your personnel can work together more effectively to deliver greater business opportunities and improve your overall bottom line. Your company has been entrusted to return effected properties to pre-event conditions. You can allow materially interested parties access to job data. This provides transparency to your process ensuring confidence on current and future jobs.

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