A solution that provides immediate visibility to the water remediation process and job performance from anywhere with an internet connection

Imagine being able to monitor your operations from anywhere, eliminating for time consuming and costly job site visits. Allowing you to focus on more critical tasks that need your immediate attention.
Know precisely the status of the drying process.
Know how well your crew is performing on each job location.
Know the status of your equipment, its usage, its location and its availability.
Know how profitable each of your jobs are.
Know how well your subcontractors are performing.

Get the information you need immediately. FROM ANYWHERE!

Upgrade your business operations with state-of-the-art automation at a price that fits your budget.

Save Time and Money

Improve your revenue and cashflow by

Filing accurate claim reimbursements faster

Invoice customers faster

Optimize your crew and equipment to secure more work


  • Monitor your business from anywhere
  • Solution will work without an investment in new drying equipment
  • Easily to implement and a solution that can fit your business and your budget
  • Integrates with leading estimating software and accounting systems
  • Constant upgrades to the platform ensure you are operating with the latest and best technology
  • Great customer support from industry experts